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At AMPHORA IMPORTS we search every climb and place to find wines that simply over deliver. Using our expertise we work directly with artisan winemakers to ensure unique style and the best quality for the dollar…Life is too short to drink average wine!

We are excited to announce that we have decided to merge our local distribution company, Amara Wines, with our national import company Amphora Imports. Amphora Imports has grown to be one of the largest importers of South African wine in the USA. The wines imported by Amphora are currently being sold in 42 states.


This is an incredible milestone for our business, a milestone very few other companies ever reach. This is a testament to the outstanding on and off premise partners that we have the joy of working with. We’re incredibly excited about the potential this unlocks for us in the years to come. We believe we can move faster and with more impact on a local and national level due to this streamlining.


So, what happens next? Billing will change beginning 04/16/2018, your invoices will come from Amphora Imports, LLC. Please make checks payable to the name listed at the top of the invoice being paid. Our mailing address and office phone number will remain the same. All team members of Amara Wines have active email accounts for Amphora Imports. The Amara Wines emails will remain active for the next year to maintain a smooth transition.


On a personal note, we love working with you. We are proud of the success we have built together and appreciate your continued support.


Check out our preliminary Amphora Webpage!



The Amara and Amphora Team



Amphora Imports believes in bringing you the highest quality handcrafted wines and spirits from every corner of the globe. Our focus is to share outstanding products that we are passionate about with everyone who is willing to explore the flavors of the world with us.


Our dedication to learning and spirit of hospitality spurs our team of certified sommeliers, certified wine specialists and all around industry enthusiasts to forge one on one relationships with our customers, vintners and distillers. It is our goal to bring our clients high quality wines and spirits at an exceptional value with unparalleled customer service.

Amphora Imports is currently licensed as a Wine Importer in the following states:
Minnesota California Washington Oregon Illinois New Mexico
Arizona Massachusetts Louisiana Texas Nevada